Japan Association for Refugees: Member Profile

Brian Barbour is the Director of the Protection and Assistance Unit at the Japan Association for Refugees (JAR) and Chair of the Legal Aid and Advocacy Working Group (LAAWG) of the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN). 


“The Japan Association for Refugees and our partners through the Forum for Refugees Japan (the national network of refugee serving NGOs in Japan) have benefited tremendously from our collaboration with the International Detention Coalition (IDC).

Our collaboration with IDC cannot be summed up with reference to the impact of a single meeting or as a source for research and answers to complicated questions.  IDC trainings and roundtables are impactful, and the research it produces is of a high-quality and has helped our work, but our collaboration with IDC has been ongoing, resulting in specific long-term strategies that are specific to the context we work in, and have resulted in the signing of an MOU with the Ministry of Justice and Japan Federation of Bar Associations, a pilot “Alternatives to Detention” (“ATD”) scheme that has secured release and case management for around 15 asylum-seekers, a pilot airport reception scheme, an ongoing tripartite working group on ATD, and future plans that focus on detention monitoring as well as vulnerability assessment among other practical initiatives.”