The IDC is pleased to announce that during the 2013 UNHCR NGO Consultations there will be a thematic session on immigration detention and more broadly on alternatives to detention.

This thematic session will run on Thursday 13 June 2013, from 9.00- 10.45 (Room 4) at the International Conference Center (ICCG) where the Consultations are held and is being organised in part, by the IDC.

The session as planned will in particular provide an overview of UNHCR’s Detention Guidelines, share the latest research in this area, and provide a platform to discuss advocacy strategies around these issues, such as building partnerships and networks, information-gathering and sharing, research dissemination, good practices promotion, campaigning, litigation, training and capacity-building, and monitoring.

For further information about this session please contact Grant Mitchell, IDC Director. Please note the IDC will also hold its annual Member Meeting during the Consultations.