The IDC Secretariat has developed an international and regional strategic engagement and coordination model to assist the development and implementation of its strategic and operational plan approved by the Board. IDC operations are divided into the following 5 regions – Asia-Pacific, Africa, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Americas and Europe. Additional international and sub-regional advisors may be specified in the IDC strategic and operational plan depending on prioritisation and need as approved by the Board.

Each region or sub-region may appoint a volunteer Regional Advisor based in the region, who works together with the Regional Coordinator and Secretariat, to collaboratively develop and implement IDC’s national, regional and global initiatives in line with IDC’s Goals, Cross-Cutting Strategic Practices and Core Organisational Approaches. More About Us

International Advisors

  • Michael S. Gallagher
  • Melanie Teff
  • Stephanie J Silverman
  • Solomon Wasia Masitsa
  • Eleanor Acer

Regional Advisors

Terms of Reference for Advisory Committee Members