The use of alternatives to detention (ATD) has increased dramatically over the past decade, with IDC identifying over 250 examples of ATD from 60 countries in its core research publication There Are Alternatives. More and more governments are showing interest in maximising the effectiveness of their migration governance systems by adhering to international human rights standards, and implementing ATD that is engagement-based, community-based and case management-based. To this end, IDC has a long-standing programme of work offering specially curated ATD training to governments, UN agencies and civil society partners.

Our experience and track record of ATD capacity building alongside these key actors at local, state, national, regional and global levels, uniquely places IDC as an international expert on ATD, and able to support constructive dialogue and capacity building on ATD design and implementation.

ATD Training Programme Overview

IDC’s ATD training programme aims to increase practical knowledge of the concept, benefits, and regional and global trends of ATD, as well as provide guidance on ATD implementation and IDC’s Community Assessment and Placement (CAP) Model. Core components of ATD are shared through assessing best practice examples, and reviewing case studies. Our training also provides insight on key ATD practices, including community-based and engagement-based case management, and the use of vulnerability screening tools.

Training formulations are flexible, the training is dynamic and participative and can be held online or in-person, or a hybrid version. Training is tailor-made to meet the specific goals and needs of different groups, agencies, country contexts, and are also designed to include relevant resource packages, as well as site visits or other activities if requested.

Sample Tailor-Made Modules  

  • Introduction to ATD
  • Community Assessment & Placement (CAP) Model 
  • Alternative Placement Options 
  • Community-Based Case Management 
  • Utilising the Vulnerability Screening Tool
  • ATD Advocacy 
  • ATD Design & Implementation
  • ATD Models & Practical Implementation 
  • Scenarios & Case Studies 

To view more of IDC’s existing online trainings, please register and visit our Online Training Toolkit.


IDC’s ATD training programme has proved highly impactful and effective, having been carried out in all regions of the world, including with government agencies in Mexico, Guatemala, Indonesia, China, Libya, Georgia and more. For further insight, a reflection narrative of our co-hosted ATD training programme with IOM for Libyan and sub-Saharan African humanitarian professionals can be found here.  

Overall, feedback suggests a demonstrated substantial increase in knowledge on ATD and relevance to the work of those who attended, as demonstrated by these sample training survey results.


Government agencies, civil society organisations and UN agencies interested in building and strengthening their capacity to design, implement and advocate for ATD are strongly encouraged to contact us at [email protected] for more information.