The IDC has a Board which is comprised of five members responsible for the corporate governance of IDC, by meeting its financial, legal, and governance requirements.

They are accountable to the IDC membership with an operational focus on finance, funding, policy, appointment and reporting.

Anna Marie Gallagher

Anna is the President of the International Detention Coalition.
Anna is a shareholder at Maggio + Kattar in Washington, D.C., and

Mary Latham

Mary is a founding member of IDC and the current Treasurer and Secretary for the organisation. She is an experienced

Alice Nah

Alice Nah is the Vice President of the IDC Governance and Finance Committee. She is also a Research and Teaching

Michelle Brané

Michelle is one of the USA’s foremost experts on U.S. immigration detention and reform. As the Director of the Migrant Rights and

James Thomson

James currently works at Act for Peace, Australia as the National Advocacy Officer for the Program on Refugees and Displaced