The IDC took part in two events last month in partnership with IDC members Hotline for Migrant Workers and Physicians for Human Rights and Israeli Children.

The first event was a roundtable discussion on alternatives to detention for children.

During the day, IDC members from Australia (Ida Kaplan of Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture) and the USA (Michelle Brane of the Women’s Refugee Commission) shared their experiences in building alternatives to detention in collaboration with government, including through joint working groups and use of case in order to fast-track case resolution.

The second event was a public forum with widespread civil society attendance wherein current concerns around the use of immigration detention for children in Israel were presented on and discussed by Hotline for Migrant Workers and Israeli children.

Along with presentations from IDC team and members on the impact of detention on children and families, the forum discussed use of detention and alternatives globally, and global campaign efforts to support the use of alternatives to detention for children.

The IDC will continue to work with our members in Israel to support efforts to end the immigration detention of children in the first instance.