This is a compilation of the tweets by the Africa Regional Coordinator if the International Detention Coalition. For live updates, follow @IDCAfrca.


Regional: Kenya, Somalia and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees have formed a tripartite committee to oversee and hasten the repatriation of over 360 000 Somali refugees living in the 24-year old Dadaab camps in Kenya.

Deputy President William Ruto of Kenya issued a 90-day ultimatum for the camps to be closed, following security fears after the April 2 Garissa University College attack by al Shabaab militants.

Promisingly, Foreign minister Amina Mohamed has backtracked on the ultimatum, calling on the international donor community to assist in the provision of resources for the process, which under international law, must ensure that repatriation occurs voluntarily. 

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South Africa: The City of Johannesburg launches a helpline for people in distress due to xenophobia, as part of a broad host of campaign activities aimed at eradicating racism and its affects on the city’s diverse population.