Kids Empowerment, a Paris-based NGO and IDC member, aims to empower children and youth by helping them assert their rights, as well as advocate for the compliance of international law in the protection of migrant children. Part of their work involves creating and publishing comparative country reports, which look at the legal framework affecting children on the move both in transit and receiving countries. Their goal is to identify best practices and highlight areas that should be improved, and to provide technical guidance to public authorities and private organisations working in the field of children’s rights.

Key issues addressed in their reports are – among others – basic fundamental rights, access to justice, conditions in reception centres, family reunification, guardianship, age assessment, best interest of the child in the asylum process, deportation and automatic returns. They also include a section on detention.

Country reports for Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Mexico and Ukraine are already available.

More information can be found on their website,