Across Africa governments have started the year grappling with how to respond to irregular migration.Actions have varied, but the use of detention has been common.

There were reports that Angola, Nigeria  and Gambia targeted irregular migrants in January, most of whom faced detention and deportation. In Kenya, the year started with a flurry of activity and concern around the new Security Laws introduced in December 2014. Whilst some aspects of the law have since been suspended pending review, major concerns remain for refugees, with risk of detention increased as authorities move to enforce a strict encampment policy.

Regionally, governments are talking to each other  on the best way to collaborate on this issue too, highlighting the need for NGOs and other stakeholders to further engage in the discussion, promoting realistic alternatives to immigration detention.

IDC Africa members this year plan to engage in regional advocacy through the ACHPR mechanisms, in order to highlight significant issue with detention and the possibilities for alternatives to detention.