This is a compilation of the tweets by the Europe Regional Coordinator of the International Detention Coalition. For live updates, follow @idceurope


Regional: Why is EU struggling with migrants and asylum?

Five false assumptions driving EU migration policy.

The Migration Policy Institute Europe, released its report – Before the Boat: Understanding the Migrant Journey – based in part on interviews with 120 migrants and potential migrants in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and which argues that deep, sophisticated insight into the decision-making processes of those seeking asylum, is essential to meaningful policy development across Europe.

More detention in Greece, Italy and Malta? EU to create new quarantine system for Mediterranean migrants, which allows for up to 18 months of detention.

UK: Hundreds of protesters demand shut down of Yarl’s Wood detention centre.

Vulnerable children locked up in immigration detention centres for adults..

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Hungary: MEPs condemn Orbán’s migration survey and death penalty statements. The style of public consultations on migration issues came under particular critique, as being «highly misleading, biased, and unbalanced; establishing a biased and direct link between migratory phenomena and security threats».

Spain: «It is not utopian to talk about closing the CIE (immigration detention centres)». Strong advocacy from civil society members, as well as new signs of political will give hope to those who are directly affected by, and campaigning for, the closure of detention facilities.