This is a compilation of the tweets by the Europe Regional Coordinator of the International Detention Coalition. For live updates, follow @idceurope


Human rights protection challenges affecting migrants at sea

New report highlights long-term arbitrary detention of stateless persons in Europe

The EU allocated about 700m euro to support asylum procedures but 1,820m euro for border controls

European Migration Network highlight that most EU states detain under Dublin III, but several don’t define objective criteria for absconding risk in law

New report considers rights of persons deprived of liberty at EU international airports

The 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was marked with a conference on unaccompanied child migration and a radio show on unaccompanied children


The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture observations on Finland: new immigration detention centre is prison-like

New profile on the Global Detention Project reveals the use of immigration detention is steadily decreasing despite immigration pressures, with a debate about the need to detain at all

New report from Europe’s torture prevention body highly critical of immigration detention policy and practice 

Immigration Detention costs a minimum of EUR 28.7 million per year says MIDAS report

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Senate Commission says prolonged immigration detention of 18 months has not led to increased returns

IDC Member aditius foundation says age assessment of asylum seekers should not be conducted in detention and urges for the use of alternatives to immigration detention

Malta: PM calls for detention policy to be reviewed 

Council of Europe torture prevention body visits «reception centre for foreigners» in Skopje for first time

European Human Rights Commissioner says the longer immigration detention continues, the less likely departure becomes and urges an end to the detention of children seeking asylum


The Unlocking Detention campaign continues, with fantastic contribution from a range of experts reflecting on the near 30,000 migrants who are detained without time limit in the UK each year and the size of the detention estate is rising:

Home Office statistics (see 12.3) show one child was detained 12-18 months in an age disputed case.

Deporting would-be migrants to Europe without opportunity for appeal

Calling for an end to child detention, and urging NGOs support the Global Campaign