In the UK, the government has refused to release a man from immigration detention, who is close to death having been on hunger strike for over 90 days. A series of legal challenges to his continued detention have been unsuccessful, with the latest court ruling on 25 November dismissing his appeal.  According to reports, the court was told that he could be deported shortly.

Isa Muazu was reportedly detained in July 2013 when he claimed asylum in the UK. He has been on hunger strike to protest the handling of his asylum claim by the UK authorities. According to reports, the Home Office issued an ‘end of life plan’ for him and staff at the detention centre was told to expect his death. He reportedly has mental health problems and has been declared medically unfit for detention or deportation.

The UK Government’s refusal to release Isa Muazu is seen as part of a hardening approach towards asylum seekers, which has come under severe criticism from NGOs, lawyers and commentators, who continue to call for Isa Muazu’s released. In a press release on 25 November, IDC member Detention Forum, stated:

“The Home Office have said that they are determined to turn the UK into a ‘hostile environment’ for migrants, but allowing people to die in immigration detention centres or when they are bundled onto flights goes well beyond ‘hostile’…We call on the Home Secretary to release Isa from detention immediately, and to seek community-based alternatives to holding people detention that are cheaper and fairer.”

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