UNHCR and the International Detention Coalition (IDC) launched the Vulnerability Screening Tool at a briefing on the implementation of UNHCR’s Global Strategy – Beyond Detention, a five-year initiative (June 2014-June 2019) to support governments to address some of the main challenges and concerns around immigration detention policies and practices.

The launch took place in Geneva, at the Palais Des Nations, alongside the UNHCR High Commissioners Dialogue on children on the move.

The Vulnerability Screening Tool (VST), developed jointly by UNHCR and IDC, seeks to assist States to adequately screen and refer cases of vulnerable individuals, such as children, to proper community-based support and protection.

Experts, including Dr. Madeline Garlick, the Chief of the Protection Policy and Legal Advice Section of UNHCR,  discussed the participants progress, challenges and opportunities in achieving the main goals of the Global Strategy. More can be found out at http://www.unhcr.org/en-au/detention.html

The author of the Vulnerability Screening Tool, Mr Colin Briton,  presented ways to identify situations of vulnerability so as to inform a range of decisions around the person, including the most appropriate placement and support options in the individual case.

IDC Board Member, Ms. Alice Nah, also presented during the event, on how the tool can be used to effectively reduce State reliance on expensive, harmful immigration detention.