The Special Rapporteur for the Human Rights of Migrants, Mr. François Crépeau recently released his report on immigration detention. This is the first report to be submitted to the Human Rights Council by Mr Crépeau who assumed his functions on 1 August 2011.

The Special Rapporteur will officially present the report at the upcoming 20th Session of the HRC (18 June- 6 July). The IDC and many of its members played a critical role in submitting reports to the Special Rapporteur of issues and concerns relating to immigration detention worldwide which informed much of the writing of this report.

Within the report the Special Rapporteur outlines many concerns including the criminalization of migration, the use and over-use of immigration detention and the conditions in which people are detained. Among many recommendations the report makes, Crépeau states, that in his view ‘the obligation to always consider alternatives to detention (non-custodial measures) before resorting to detention should be established by law. Detailed guidelines and proper training should be developed for judges and other State officials, such as police, border and immigration officers, in order to ensure a systematic application of non-custodial measures instead of detention.’

The IDC commends the Special Rapporteur for his efforts in undertaking this important report and urges States to consider all of the recommendations made.
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