[26 June 2014] In the United Kingdom the Court of Appeal has ended the Detained Fast Track appeals process for asylum-seekers in immigration detention.

The Court of Appeal has upheld the High Court Order of 12 July 2015 ruling that the Fast Track appeals process is unlawful.

IDC member, Detention Action, explains that this means asylum-seekers can no longer be detained throughout the asylum process simply for claiming asylum.

Speaking from outside the Court of Appeal today, Jerome Phelps, the Director of Detention Action and IDC Advisory Board Member said:

‘We are delighted that asylum-seekers will no longer face a detained appeals process that is so unfair as to be unlawful.

It is unfortunate that it has taken so many court rulings to finally suspend this deeply flawed process.

People seeking protection from war and persecution deserve better from British justice.   We hope that the government will take this opportunity to reflect and develop a different approach that is fair.’


For more details, read the full write up from Detention Action here.