It has been reported in various media outlets that there have been a number of deaths in immigration detention centres in the UK in the last two months. Emma Ginn from IDC member organisation, Medical Justice has been reported as saying that there are:

growing worries about “the perilous and frightening conditions of detention” at immigration removal centers [and] that coupled with “disturbingly inadequate” healthcare offered to detainees amount to “a lethal cocktail” and “a disaster waiting to happen”.’ (PressTV, August 6, 2011)

Concerns are that individuals are not receiving adequate health care and that conditions in detention are leading to greater numbers of people suffering from mental heath problems as a direct result of their detention. This was also highlighted in a recent High Court decision in the UK in which it was found that the Uk Border Agency had subjected a man to inhuman or degrading treatment while in detention (see link below for further information and another decision relating to unlawful detention).

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