JEROME PHELPS joined the IDC as the Executive Director in 2018. Prior to that, he served for over 10 years as the Director of Detention Action in the United Kingdom.

Detention Action provides support and advice to migrants in immigration detention, and campaigns for change. They have been a lead member organisation of the IDC in Europe for many years, and are strong proponents of the IDC’s approach to alternatives to immigration detention. In his role at Detention Action, Jerome was a key player in the national detention reform process that reduced the number of migrants in detention by a third. He designed and managed an innovative alternative to detention project for young migrant ex-offenders, and oversaw Detention Action’s successful strategic litigation which in 2015 ended the Detained Fast Track asylum process.  He contributed to six influential Detention Action reports, including Without Detention, which set out a strategy for developing alternatives to detention in the UK.

Jerome has always been a highly valued member of the IDC’s International Advisory Committee as the Western Europe Regional Advisor for over 10 years. He regularly worked closely with the IDC team, and contributed to some of the IDC’s biggest successes, including the development of the European Alternatives to Detention Network.

Jerome writes regularly on detention and migration issues for publications, including Huffington Post, Forced Migration Review and openDemocracy. Jerome is based in London, United Kingdom.