Grant Mitchell

Grant Mitchell is a social anthropologist in international migration and is completing his PhD at Swinburne University on rights-based government engagement. He is also developing Free to Live, an NGO working on arrest and imprisonment of LGBTI in countries where it is criminalised.

Mr Mitchell formerly served as the Director of the International Detention Coalition (IDC) for over a decade. He has previously worked with Swedish Migration Board in their asylum reception system and for the Australian Red Cross and Hotham Mission running community-based asylum seeker programs for which he won the Australian Human Rights Award in 2002. He was also nominated for the 2004 French Human Rights Prize.

Mr Mitchell has extensive experience in international asylum and immigration detention policy, including working with governments, UN bodies and civil society in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East on the development and implementation of alternatives to immigration detention and case management models.

Mr Mitchell sits on the tripartite Asia Forced Migration Dialogue, is a founding member of the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network and sat on various government committees including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)-NGO Working Group and the Family Case Management Reference Committee.

He is currently the IDC’s appointed independent expert on alternatives to immigration detention and is reachable on: [email protected]