1. Network and Capacity Building

We are committed to supporting the global network of organisations and individuals working to limit immigration detention and pursue alternatives to detention. This includes building the capacity of members, partners, and local governments and to seek collaborative solutions to complex migration management in accordance with international human rights standards.

2. Advocacy

We advocate for changes in law, policy and practice that promote greater protection of and respect for the human rights of those affected by immigration detention. Working with coalition members, governments, intergovernmental organisations, we develop and promote alternatives to detention.

3. Awareness Raising and Campaigns

We seek to raise awareness of harmful detention policies and practices while promoting a solutions-oriented approach which focuses on the benefits and practicality of alternatives to detention.

4. Research and Reporting

We research issues worldwide relating to immigration detention and alternatives to detention of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants and report our findings to members, partners, and governments in order to deepen the understanding of the issue and to identify evidence-based best practices.