Joining IDC means becoming part of a global network of organisations, entities and individuals who share a commitment to building a world where immigration detention no longer exists and people who migrate live with rights and dignity.

IDC membership is open to civil society organisations, grassroots groups, practitioners, academics and individuals interested in working to reduce and ultimately end immigration detention. IDC membership is not extended to governmental or intergovernmental bodies, UN human rights institutions, political parties, or the media. However staff from UN organisations, intergovernmental bodies or the media can join in their individual capacity.

IDC membership applicants should review and agree to IDC’s Vision, Mission and Values, as defined in the About Us page of IDC’s website, as well as to IDC’s Safeguarding Policy and IDC’s Code of Good Practice

If you’re interested in becoming a member, please complete the application form below to share more with us about yourself or organisation! Please do respond to all the application questions, otherwise we won’t be able to process your application properly. Upon submission, the IDC Secretariat will review your application to make recommendations to the IDC Committee, which makes decisions about membership on a quarterly basis.