This annual event hosted by the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva, Switzerland provides NGOs with an opportunity to engage directly with UNHCR on a number of important thematic and regional priorities.

The IDC views the Annual Consultations as a key chance to raise awareness of immigration detention at the international level and to advocate for changes in law, policy and practice among UN stakeholders.

This year, an IDC-hosted thematic session on detention emphasised the importance of seeking Alternatives to Detention (ATD) and collaborating effectively on research, advocacy, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation to ensure that ATD are being implemented consistent with international human rights laws.

The session provided an overview of UNHCR’s updated Detention Guidelines, the latest on ATD development by IDC Director, Grant Mitchell, and emerging research around ATD and compliance by Oxford Professor Cathryn Costello.

The IDC was also a featured presenter at the UNHCR-hosted session “Advocating for Protection”, which highlighted examples of international partnership and coordination best-practices.

More information on these or any of the NGO Consultation sessions is available here.