Destination UnknownMARRAKECH (17 February) – Destination Unknown is an international campaign to protect children on the move led by Terre des Hommes International Federation and its member organisations. It is supported by the International Detention Coalition, the Global Campaign to End Child Immigration Detention, and global partners who have joined forces to develop protection mechanisms for children on the move, raise awareness of children on the move, and advocate for policy change impacting children on the move.

From 17-18 September 2013 at the 1st Destination Unknown Campaign Assembly, 35 professionals representing 16 organisations from 17 countries gathered in Geneva for the first time as a global team to protect children on the move. The 1st Campaign Assembly went beyond expectations in terms of strong participation, positive energy and quality of content. Participants noted that “children on the move” is now a global phenomenon and that:


“Children on the move have the right to move as well as being protected, based on their best interest and on their views, independently of their migration status, gender, age, health, nationality, religious or cultural belongings”


Much has happened since September 2013 and the 1st Destination Unknown Campaign Assembly. This year, groups will be meeting in Marrakech from 24-26 March to continue to plan and coordinate global campaign initiatives.

Among other things, the Global Campaign to End Child Immigration Detention will be supporting and taking forward the Destination Unknown campaign’s demands around ending the immigration detention of migrant children, including:


“Demand 6: States must bring to an end practices that violate the rights of children on the move based on their migration status, namely detention, deportation and automatic return to community of origin.” 


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