This is a compilation of news from the tweets of the IDC Asia Pacific Regional Co-ordinator. Follow here for live news.


The Sydney Morning Herald reveals that less children are being held in immigration detention, but those that are in detention are being held for longer.

New campaign led by Australian celebrities calls for an end to child immigration detention:

Poll reveals that 80% of health professionals in Australia consider detention of children to be abuse, calling for a royal commission.

Independent inquiry announced into sex abuse claims coming from immigration detention centres in Nauru, with civil society groups asking questions about the investigator credibility.


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Rohingya abducted and forced on boats, “horrifying new twist” in “systematic abuses” on them says Human Rights Watch.


Immigrant detention centres under scrutiny in Japan after fourth death this year, with calls for an urgent review to health care.


UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health visits Malaysia.

New Straight Times analyses the treatment of undocumented migrant workers

Parliament debated DAP’s motion on Al Jazeera’s report on refugees

155 Uighurs including 76 children in immigration detentionNGOs urge the government to work with UNHCR and not to forcibly deport this population. 


Squalid detention centres are no place for children, editorialises Alice Farmer.