Written by Min Jee Yamada Park IDC Asia Pacific Programme Officer 

In September 2021, IDC, together with the Secretariat of the Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration (ADFM), co-convened a Virtual Workshop on Access to Education for refugee and migrant children in Asia Pacific, as part of the Regional Peer Learning Platform and Program of Action on Alternative Care Arrangements for Children in the Context of International Migration in the Asia Pacific.

The Regional Platform continues to bring together government agencies, civil society organisations and international organisations from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand and provides a space for constructive and practical policy discussions related to alternative care arrangements for children in the context of migration in the Asia Pacific.

This workshop was the third in a series of online events and focused on the benefits to both society and the individual of allowing access to education for refugee and migrant children. A number of participants were from Education Ministries and local education offices of participating countries and their participation brought a great deal of knowledge and perspectives into this important discussion.

IDC is also very encouraged that as a result of the workshop, some countries have taken steps to continue meeting in their country groups on the issues discussed during the Regional Platform. Some also have expressed interest in working with IDC and ADFM to convene bilateral meetings between participating countries to exchange further learnings on education policy and implementation.

For more information, a high-level meeting summary is also available.