The IDC Director, Mr. Grant Mitchell and IDC Europe Regional Coordinator, Ms. Eiri Ohtani,  met with representatives of the Greek government to present an options paper which explores how alternatives to immigration detention can be operationalised, drawing on existing good practices in Greece on Jul 4, 2016.

IDC representatives also met with Members of the IDC and stakeholders in Greece.

In this picture:

– Mr Tzanetos Filippakos, Alternate Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior and Public Reconstruction
– Police Major General Emmanouil Grigorakis, Head of the Aliens and Border Protection Branch of the Hellenic Police
– IDC Europe Regional Coordinator, Eiri Ohtani
– Police Brigadier General Menelaos Kostaris, Head of the Illegal Immigration Division of the Hellenic Police and
– IDC Director, Grant Mitchell
– Police Lieutenant Colonel Athanasios Papadimos, Personal Aide to the Alternate Secretary General
– Police Major Dimitrios Karapatakis.