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The IDC attended the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network’s (APRRN) 5th Asia Pacific Consultation on Refugee Rights (APCRR5), held from 2nd to 4th September 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Attended by over 150 participants from 22 countries, the focus of APCRR5 was on strengthening regional protection, including key issues and trends around immigration detention and alternatives to detention in the Asia Pacific region.

Action plans for South East Asia, South Asia, East Asia and the region as a whole were discussed and finalized, with exciting initiatives and opportunities for collaboration ahead.

The IDC’s Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator was elected to the position of Chair of the Immigration Detention Working Group and will serve in that position in APPRN’s steering committee until the next APCRR in 2016.

Materials from APCRR5 can be found here.