International Detention Trends 

In October 2008, the IDC completed a global survey of members requesting information

about detention trends and priorities. The survey covered 21 countries in six regions, with

the following ?ndings:

66% of members identi?ed the following detention concerns and priorities:

  • The detention of children, vulnerable individuals, asylum seekers and refugees
  • Improving the rights of detainees, monitoring places of detention and ensuring detention conditions comply with international human rights standards
  • The need for alternatives to detention

60% of countries had no of?cial detention statistics

61% of countries had no of?cial monitoring body for places of detention

88% of countries had restrictions on visiting places of detention

59% of countries had no functioning alternatives to detention

95% of members cited the need for the IDC and its information sharing, advocacy,

campaign and training initiatives.

Click here to download the IDC’s Global Detention Survey Findings