IDC Member Meeting 2017,  International Conference Centre in Geneva,  June 16 from 4.30 – 6.30 pm

Over 100 Members attended the IDC Member Meeting for 2017, held in Geneva alongside the annual UNHCR Consultations with NGOs.

The meeting was broadcast for our members who were unable to attend in person, and provided a quick overview of key achievements in the previous year, and time for dedicated discussion and feedback around the core areas of work that the network will undertake in the next year.

We also launched the IDC Online Training Toolkit, which enables our members and partners to learn from experts on making alternatives to immigration detention work. Courses are available in short 15 minute lessons that can be taken online, anywhere, anytime.


IDC Toolkit Launch: Members from Int. Detention Coalition – IDC on Vimeo.


Before the member meeting we conducted a short survey of our membership. The key findings of this survey are summarised below, and if you are interested in finding out more, you can request a copy of the minutes of the meeting by emailing [email protected].


“Roundtable held, IDC screening tool introduced, re-engagement on ATD sought… led to 7 ATD releases so far in 2017” IDC Member in Canada

Breakout groups at the IDC Member Meeting

Key issues our members faced in 2016:

  • Very conservative governments worldwide, with more detention policies
  • Lack of access & services in detention (although services
  • Child detention continues worldwide
  • Transnational relationships continue to impact on State detention policies
  • Human Rights Commissions continue to play a key role in advocacy

Key Priorities for our members in 2017:

  • Advancing pilots on alternatives
  • Doing training on alternatives – especially case management
  • Campaigning to end child detention
  • Support NGOs to strategise and present a clear and coordinated framework


“Advancing pilots on alternatives – keep the momentum going!” IDC Member in Libya


Find the agenda for the meeting here.

Access the power point for the member meeting here.

You can watch the broadcast of the meeting here.

For a copy of the minutes of the meeting please email [email protected]