Congratulations to Suka Society for winning a UN Malaysia Award for thier support & welfare of migrant &refugee children.

Below is an excerpt of the citation about SUKA Society read during the commemoration ceremony –

“SUKA Society follows a practical approach that is humanitarian and victim-centered, yet fully entrenched in objectives for wider sustainable and systemic change in communities and the Malaysian society at large. SUKA Society works closely and constructively with numerous actors, including government, civil society, and target communities in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect, to find durable solutions to challenges faced by marginalised groups in the country. This lays important groundwork for development of future inclusive policies.

While bringing the protection needs of vulnerable and under-represented children to the attention of the public, policy-makers and government official, SUKA Society promotes a sustainable and inclusive future to all, in line with the Millennium Development Goals and the new forward looking Sustainable Development Goals, championing our important collective aim to leave no one behind. SUKA Society’s work is grounded on respect for human dignity, and boldly inspires others to follow suit.

For these reasons, the United Nations Malaysia Award 2015 is being presented to SUKA Society.”