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MELBOURNE (22 October 2014) – On December 9th 2014, from 9am to 5pm, IDC member the Organization for Refugee, Asylum and Migration (ORAM) will be holding a training in Melbourne, Australia on sensitization, identification and the protection of the needs of sexual and gender nonconformity (SGN) refugees.  The aim is to provide the necessary tools to guide decision makers and other asylum professionals to create a safe environment for SGN refugees. This is part of ORAM’s comprehensive training programmes about sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in refugee populations.

The IDC is proud to support this training, including the development of a session on the particular risks to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) migrants in places of immigration detention. Around the world, the rights of LGBTI individuals have been improving, yet research and experience show that LGBTI migrants are still at a risk of abuse, exploitation and harm in the context of their migration journey, including heightened risks of physical and sexual abuse and discrimination in places of detention. As the rights and protection of particularly vulnerable groups or individuals in detention is one of three strategic priorities of the International Detention Coalition, we are developing a training module in cooperation with ORAM which will be made available to all IDC members and partners.


The IDC encourages to anyone interested in this topic to register for the training by contacting ORAM Advocacy Manager, Leila Lohman: [email protected].