Israel this month released nine Eritrean women and their 10 children from the Saharonim detention center in the south.  The women and children has been detained for between eight and 12 months under the Prevention of Infiltration Law.

Member organisation, Hotline for Migrant Workers, petitioned for their release through appeal of a precedent ruling of the Beer Sheva District Court. In the ruling, Judge Alon declared that being a minor can be considered a “special humanitarian ground” for release from detention, even under the Anti-Infiltration Law.

However the Hotline for Migrant Workers notes that there is a discrepancy between Israeli law, which deines minors as those under 18 years and the state response, which indicates that minors are those 10 years and under.

Reporting on this issue: Israel releases 19 african women and children (Haaretz)