This news roundup is a compilation of tweets made by the IDC Co-ordinator for the Middle East and North Africa Region. For live updates follow @IDC_MENA

Regional: ‘After Lampedusa, everybody was talking about protecting refugees; now we’re talking about how to keep them away

During 2014, 232 Irregular migrants reached Murcian waters from North Africa, most detained on arrival

Syrian refugees in camps across Middle East face life threatening freezing temperatures, blizzards, strong winds

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Egypt: HRW on Egypt’s human rights crisis in 2014, treatment of refugees & asylum seekers one of many concerns

Israel:  Government asks High Court to void injunction on migrant detention at desert facility, pending new decision migrants are allowed to be detained at Holot

Internet campaign draws attention to asylum seekers in Israel, shares voices of those detained

Protests in Israel outside Holot Centre

Lebanon: Syrian refugees in Lebanon under attack

Jordan: Winter storms bring more hardship to refugees in Jordan’s Za’atari camp

Strategic Litigation results in Jordanian Government being fined for Detention of Foreign Worker

Morocco: Anti-migrant sweep launched near Spain enclave – IDC member GADEM comments

65% of migrants applying for legal status were approved in 2014, which means access to health care & schools