This is a compilation of news from the tweets of the IDC Asia Pacific Regional Co-ordinator. Follow here for live news.

Regional: The ASEAN people’s website is now live, with ASEAN’s Largest Civil Society Forum Handing an Official Statement to ASEAN Governments

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Australia: Manus Island asylum seekers protest amid self-harm and hunger strikes

Australian run detention centers see a 50% increase in incidents reported, including 8 deaths in detention

Australia-Cambodia refugee deal uncertain as almost all refugees on Nauru refusing to go

Indonesia: Unaccompanied minors seeking asylum face detention, risk of exploitation and uncertain futures 

Thailand: Three year old Uighur boy dies of tuberculosis in one of Thailand’s immigration detention centres

Refugees in Thailand’s Hat Yai immigration detention center go on hunger strike over worsening conditions

Japan: Refugee status determination slow, lacking in transparency and “extremely low” recognition rates

Malaysia: Rohinga refugees in Malaysia  say traffickers abuse and kill