These links are a compilation of tweets by the IDC Regional Coordinator in Africa.

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Ethiopia meets with Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania ambassadors discuss collaboration to curb illegal migration

UNDP to Help Cut Cross Border Ebola Infections in West Africa


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Angola: 3000 migrants, including pregnant women, arrested, detained in very poor conditions

Angola border police detain 57 DRC migrants in two days for irregular entry

Gambia: Police raids target undocumented migrants for arrest, detention

Kenya: New Report from IDC Member, JRS: Refugee encampment and responding to protection needs in Kenyan refugee camps

Despite suspension of parts of new security laws, hundreds of thousands of refugees are at risk

South Africa: Church to Evict Hundreds of Refugees

Home Affairs blitz on fake passports

Zambia: Grappling with human trafficking and undocumented migrants