Key Articles By Leading Thinkers

Written by Dr. Robyn Sampson

Senior Advisor, International Detention Coalition (IDC)


There were major milestones in 2018 towards the protection of the rights of refugees and migrants, with the adoption of both the Global Compact on Refugees and the Global Compact for Migrants in December. We are now facing the challenges of negotiating implementation mechanisms, and ensuring the momentum and political will for a more holistic and integrated international approach to human movement is sustained.

To mark the moment, the International Journal of Refugee Law published a special issue on The 2018 Global Compacts on Refugees and Migration in December.

All articles are now free since late May.

The special issue is an important compendium of commentary on these significant developments from some of the key actors and leading thinkers on these issues.

Some highlights include:

For the full Table of Contents and access to all articles, see Volume 30, Issue 4, December 2018 of the International Journal of Refugee Law available here.