IDC and Asylum Access Mexico, along with partners FM4 Paso Libre, Casa Refugiados, IMUMI, Grupo de Trabajo sobre Política Migratoria, Sin Fronteras, CMDPDH, and others, launched a campaign in November aiming to eliminate the detention of people seeking asylum in Mexico. 

This campaign will work to raise awareness and advocate in favor of preventing and eliminating the detention of asylum seekers in Mexico, and will work to build a civil society advocacy movement to promote the issue of non-detention and the adoption of alternatives to detention (ATD). Advocacy goals will include changing law, policy and practice at all levels of government to make space for civil society to monitor and improve access to dignity, freedom and human rights for people seeking asylum and refugees in Mexico.

Follow @idcamericas and @idcmonitor on Twitter for more information about the campaign, and please view our campaign launch materials and feel free utilise them for your own context as well!