JRS Indonesia, one of the most active IDC members in Asia Pacific, has launched a new initiative recently to support education and livelihood of refugees in Indonesia. Through a partnership with a refugee-led IT startup initiative, SMART(Skilled Migrants And Refugee Technicians), JRS Indonesia has supported SMART to host a free webinar for refugees on making a livelihood online. This project is particularly relevant and timely in the context of Covid-19, as livelihood options for refugees have become ever scarcer.


SMART and JRS are also exploring the possibility of developing a livelihood capacity building programme for refugees, providing Covid-19 related information online and creating an e-study platform in partnership with a community-based learning centre for refugee children. This platform will allow teachers to conduct their classes online and will help refugee children to continue their education despite the restrained movements due to Covid-19. 

For more information, please directly contact:

Mr Gading Gumilang Putra (Jesuit Refugee Service Indonesia) at [email protected]