Between now and end of year, the IDC is hoping to capture some of the learning about how Middle East and North Africa (MENA) governments have managed to host large numbers of refugees and migrants since the onset of the Syrian ‘crisis’, without resorting to the widespread use of immigration detention.

The IDC will undertake a study visit in late 2018, with a focus on Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.

The visit aims to document how alternatives to detention, especially case management, have been explored, developed and implemented en mass.

Case management is a comprehensive and systematic service delivery approach designed to ensure support for, and a coordinated approach to, the health and well being of people with complex needs.

The visit will explore what is working, what fits the local context, what doesn’t and why?

Do you have suggestions of alternatives that we should profile? Please get in touch!

Email: Middle East and Africa Regional Coordinator [email protected]