New Immigration Laws
New immigration laws have come into effect in South Africa, which immigration lawyers say they will litigate against, on the basis that it is now impossible to apply for several categories of visas.

Immigration lawyers say they will litigate against the new immigration regulations which came into effect on Monday on the grounds that they are incomplete and make it impossible to apply for several categories of visas. More

High Court Case on Children Seeking Asylum
IDC member, Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) is involved in a high court case to clarify how children who migrate with a relative, who is not their legal guardian, should be treated during the asylum process.

At the moment, these separated minors are unable to get documented by the Home Affairs Department without extremely lengthy Children’s Court proceedings to determine whether they need protection. LHR argues this process is cumbersome to the state, stagnates the process of documentation, and at times these children are also turned away from this system.

LHR has won a related high court case in which separated minors right to education was preserved…more

The current High Court case has been postponed, pending further notice. For more details, contact the IDC Africa Regional Coordinator.