SSSSBRUSSELS (7 October 2014) – The European Network on Statelessness (ENS) has launched a report Still Stateless, Still Suffering which contains 20 individual testimonies from stateless migrants in 11 European countries. These first-hand accounts reveal a disturbing picture of individuals languishing in immigration detention, living destitute on the streets, stuck in endless limbo and desperately seeking to belong. The report asks why so little is being done to protect people in this situation and calls on states to implement adequate safeguards and regularization procedures for stateless persons.

The report is part of an ongoing ENS campaign – which with your support can help bring Europe’s legal ghosts out of the shadows and ensure that stateless persons are treated with the respect and dignity which has been lacking.

Please consider supporting this effort by signing the ENS petition:

This petition will be handed over to European leaders at an event (register here) in the European Parliament on 14 October 2014. Join the cause and sign the ENS petition and please share it as widely as possible by email and social media among your networks and contacts.