The IDC is happy to have been invited to continue working in collaboration with sub-regionally focused International Agencies, including the International Organization for Migration (IOM), to support government ministries in the Migration Dialogue for Southern Africa (MIDSA) region who have committed to exploring Alternatives to Detention good practices.  We will likely input technical advice to the development of some generic tools which will help to operationalise the findings of the IDC’s recent publication There Are Alternatives (Revised Edition) in various Southern African countries.
At the same time we are glad to support the efforts of the Southern African Litigation Centre (SALC), who have supported the IDC’s work towards alternatives, in providing direct technical advice to various groups with governance responsibility in Malawi, a country working hard to meet its international obligations in the face of increasing migrant arrivals. It is encouraging to see the willingness of decision makers to reduce the numbers of those, particularly children, in detention.