It has been a sad month for many in MENA with devastating attacks in Lebanon and Tunisia, among others, adding to the tragedy of ongoing conflicts.  The IDC would like to express our sympathy to all those affected and continue to stand in solidarity with our members to do our small part in ensuring the rights of migrants are not adversely affected by the resulting increase in securitization.

Unfortunately, inter-regional ‘solutions’ to perceived security threats posed by these attacks have so far focused on stopping migrant flows, with increased detention being discussed by many European actors.   Fortunately, Civil Society and Governments in the MENA Region itself appear increasingly interested in Alternatives to Detention, especially for children, as called for by the UN Secretary General’s World Children’s Day Address last week.

childrens day ban ki moon

An example of encouraging Inter-regional Cooperation is the reported release from detention in Libya and preparations for return to The Gambia of migrants who have found themselves stranded there.

The Gambian newspaper which has reported the story is encouraging parents of any children who are still detained in Libya to contact them in order to potentially secure their release under the patronage of the same individual who has reportedly already brought about the release of 46 people who are currently being housed in Alternative accommodation at a school in Libya.