Written by Paloma Varela as part of her internship with the International Detention Coalition

GENEVA, (16 June 2017) – The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Annual Consultations with NGOs takes place annually in Geneva.

This years focus is on the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRFF).

The UNHCR will address the CRFF in the annual NGO meeting with a ‘whole-of-society’ approach. The UNHCR stated in their Concept note that they will:
“Explore ensuring rapid and well-supported reception and admission measures for refugees by supporting immediate and ongoing needs through adequate financial and other resources” as well using the CRRF to  operationalize “the “whole-of-society” approach through operational partnerships and frameworks among State entities, international organizations, and national and international non-government organizations”.
Key concept notes to be considered in the annual meeting this year will be :
  • Regional Dimensions
  • CRRF Operationalization
  • Partnerships
  • Lessons to be learned (good practices and application of CRRF)
  • From the CRRF Framework to the Global Compact of Refugees and beyond
 There will be additional, dedicated sessions on IDPs, statelessness, mixed migration, and follow-up to the UNHCR partnership initiatives as well as last year’s Annual Consultations on Youth.
We encourage as many of our supporters and members who will be in Geneva at this time to get in touch and attend our IDC Member Meeting.
 Photo: International Conference Centre Geneva by le Centre International de Conférences