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On July 13, 2015, the US government announced that it would begin releasing families from immigration detention who had demonstrated credible fear of returning to their home countries. The announcement comes after various proposals to reduce family detention, presented by the Department of State in May and June. But, despite such announcements–which include proposals that range from release on bond to providing information to families about their rights and responsibilities–many IDC members and partners have responded that the ultimate solution still must be a complete and immediate end to family detention.

The “announcement signals a move away from mere rhetoric and toward actual release for some detained mothers and children, but even if implemented fully, fails to truly address the problem … It is time to close all family detention centers…” – Silky Shah, Detention Watch Network


“Even with these changes, we are still not where we need to be. Our government still will be detaining children and mothers when we already know that it is highly inappropriate and traumatic to do so for any length of time.” –Victor Nieblas Pradis, American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) highlighted that almost 90% of detained families have passed their credible fear screening and in fact, are asylum seekers fleeing violence in their home countries, which should lead to their release. Furthermore, as Human Rights Watch points out, the government has not said what will happen with families who have not requested asylum and are being held in detention indefinitely.

“The US never should have locked up families indefinitely, much less those who are seeking asylum.” – Antonio Ginatta, Human Rights Watch

Civil society organizations are deeply disappointed that the government’s plan relies on the continued implementation of family detention, especially when there are alternatives to detention that are more effective and allow families to live freely in the community while they await the resolution of their cases.

“The announcement still envisions a system where women and children are incarcerated and must pay bonds to be released even after demonstrating a fear of persecution in their home countries…Women and children who pose no threat to the the United States should be released to family members or into community support programs.” – Michelle Brané, Womens Refugee Commission

While the government’s announcements are without a doubt necessary and could potentially serve as a first step to ending detention, IDC members and partners believe that the only durable, humane solution is to end immigration detention of families once and for all.


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