There Are Alternatives Africa: Guide for Policy Makers (English & French)

This report provides an overview of alternatives to immigration detention in Africa. Drawing from examples in 32 African countries, the report highlights some of the measures in place that contribute to the effective and humane governance of migration, while avoiding the use of unnecessary immigration detention.

Ce rapport donne un aperçu des alternatives possibles à la détention des migrants en Afrique. A partir d’exemples de 32 pays africains, le rapport met en évidence quelquesunes des mesures qui sont en place et qui contribuent à une gestion migratoire efficace et humaine, tout en évitant un usage inutile de la détention des migrants.

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English - TAA Africa Guide For Policy Makers
Français - TAA Africa Guide For Policy Makers
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We are a global network of civil society organisations and individuals aiming to bring changes in legislation, policy and practice that prevent, mitigate and respond to immigration detention.

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