Our Team

Asma Nairi

MENA Regional Manager

Asma Hedi Nairi is a Tunisian lawyer and researcher. Following her law and political sciences masters, she completed her PhD in cultural anthropology in 2019, and is expected to complete her second PhD in international criminal law by 2023. Asma joined IDC as MENA Programme Officer in 2022, and transitioned into the role of MENA Regional Manager in 2023. Prior to that, she worked with several international and regional organisations, including with Amnesty International Tunisia as Youth Section Officer. After moving to Turkey, she focused on issues being faced by refugee communities, as well as related livelihood and social integration programs. In Turkey, she worked with UNHCR, Building Markets, and acted as Programme Response Coordinator with the Human Development Foundation.
Asma's academic work includes acting as a guest lecturer with the African Foundation and Istanbul Istinye University, delivering courses related to migration studies, research methodologies, and African studies. Most recently, she conducted research on the African diaspora in Turkey, focusing on the impact of media discourse on community experiences and social integration.
Asma enjoys learning, sharing knowledge, and studying humanity and human interactions. She also loves dogs.