"Will is the real driving force to take action". Thank you for speaking @Arif_Hazara #UNHCRNGOs 2 months ago
"The media has.. [changed] the word 'refugees' into a term for discrimination but we must take it back as a term for protection" #UNHCRNGOs 2 months ago
"Policies don't integrate people. People integrate people". Eloquently said #UNHCRNGOs #WithRefugees 2 months ago
The #UNHCRNGOs closing plenaries are over. Until next year... https://t.co/A9gOuhXpPL 2 months ago
Having youth in the room means we all tried to use less jargon. Less jargon means more meaningful communication @UNHCRPartners #UNHCRNGOs 2 months ago
RT @Right_to_Remain: Great to be part of @idcmonitor alternatives to detention workshop in London next wk. We'll be speaking about Unlockin… 2 months ago
RT @DetentionForum: There are alternative to #Immigration #Detention https://t.co/QMxaF6EQmj 2 months ago
RT @EiriOhtani: I read many pieces about #detention. This is indeed a good piece, showing many different lives are damaged by it. https://t… 2 months ago
RT @childdetention: .@tdh_ch presents the many legal instruments that specify: children should not be in immigration #detention https://t.c 2 months ago
RT @ArghavanGerami: Ottawa to change migrant detention policy to reduce use of provincial jails https://t.co/QhpzLjzv3R #cdnimm #detention 2 months ago
IDC Director at #Swiss parliamentary briefing as part of the @COE campaign to #EndChildDetention https://t.co/ZFKHrIEym3 2 months ago
RT @childdetention: Map of #Switzerland green = no child #detention yellow = no data blue & red= children in detention https://t.co/sLy 2 months ago

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The International Detention Coalition (IDC) is a unique global network, of over 300 civil society organisations and individuals in more than 70 countries, that advocate for, research and provide direct services to refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants affected by immigration detention.

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