More of us are migrants now than at any other point in human history.

People leave their homes for many reasons – often forced to make difficult journeys away from everything and everyone they have ever known in search of safety and better opportunities.

Since 2009, International Detention Coalition has been advocating to prevent immigration detention. IDC is solutions-focused, and we work directly with governments, decision-makers, civil society organisations, UN agencies and other actors to achieve this goal, delivering practical alternatives that benefit individuals, communities and society at large.

IDC works on multiple fronts to end immigration detention – we strengthen the global movement against immigration detention, advocate for changes to laws and policies, investigate and generate evidence, and promote practical alternatives to detention.

We believe people should be able to live freely while they await the outcome of their immigration case, and we advocate for the human rights and dignity of everyone impacted by immigration detention.

Ultimately, we want to get people out of immigration detention and into a life within the community, where they can be with loved ones, contribute to society and benefit from education, healthcare, employment and more.

“Immigration detention is one of the most pressing human rights violations of our time.”
– Carolina gottardo, idc executive director

Today, IDC is the world’s leading network dedicated to ending immigration detention.

Over time, the network has grown to include organisations and communities on the ground in more than 75 countries around the world.
 IDC is directed by Carolina Gottardo, a migrant leader and global human rights advocate, and our diverse team and board are made up of migrants, refugees and allies.

IDC is guided by an International Advisory Committee consisting of advocates, academics and professionals, some of whom also have lived experience of migration, displacement and immigration detention. Together, we represent hundreds of members – including civil society organisations, community groups and non-profits – as well as countless other individual supporters across the globe.

Human beings migrate – we always have and we always will.

Together, we can ensure that human rights transcend all borders.

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