International Advisory Committee

Our International Advisory Committee consists of Committee/Board Members, plus additional advisors representing IDC members around the world.
 For more information, please refer to IDC’s Governance Structure Summary.

  • Kaajal Ramjathan-Keogh (Committee/Board Member)
  • Evan Jones (Committee/Board Member)
  • Anne Harrison (Committee/Board Member)
  • Hayat Akbari (Committee/Board Member)
  • Dr. Alice Nah (Committee/Board Member)
  • Eleanor Acer
  • Hasan Al-Akraa
  • Jenny Collins-White
  • Oktay Durukan
  • Thomas Fuad Touray ​
  • Gretchen Kuhner
  • Alejandra Macias
  • Nabeelah Mia
  • Wayne Ncube
  • Dr. Melissa Phillips
  • Mishka Pillay
  • Anderson Selvasegaram
  • Melanie Teff
  • Solomon Wasia Masitsa

Dutch Stichting and ANBI status

In 2022, the Committee of IDC Inc. formalised registration of a separate entity in the Netherlands as Stichting IDC. The policy plan for Stichting IDC is available here and Stichting IDC’s ANBI Reporting Form 2022-23′ is here.