We work with governments, civil society and UN agencies to end immigration detention.

IDC is focused on solutions. There are fairer, cheaper and more effective ways to approach migration governance – that’s why we’re working to deliver practical alternatives.

We advocate for the human rights and dignity of all people affected by immigration detention.

Ultimately, we want to get people out of immigration detention and into a life within the community, where they can benefit from education, healthcare, employment and more.

IDC works on multiple fronts to end immigration detention – we strengthen the global movement, conduct research, work to change laws and policies, and promote practical alternatives.

Build movement

We are building a global network to end immigration detention.

IDC is a global network that is growing every day. We are supporting civil society organisations and community groups to be powerhouses of change and amplifying the voices of people with lived experience of immigration detention.

Advocate to change laws

We work to change laws and policies around immigration detention.

IDC works alongside government officials, civil society and UN agencies to improve new and existing immigration legislation, policies and practices. Together, we are creating a system that is just and fair.

Promote alternatives

We provide real solutions and practical alternatives to detention.

IDC guides decision-makers at the national, regional and global levels to trial alternatives to detention, giving refugees and migrants the freedom to live as members of the community, with rights and dignity, outside of immigration detention.

Generate evidence

We research immigration detention and alternative solutions.

IDC believes policies should be based on evidence. That’s why we investigate the impact and effectiveness of immigration detention and its alternatives. Learn more about our research in our publications library.

“We all have a role to play in ending immigration detention”

- Hayat Akbari, human rights advocate and former refugee

Help make immigration detention history